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About YU Fossil Free


Our goal is to inspire York University to join the global fossil fuel divestment effort and reinvest in a just, climate-safe future. Many Canadian universities have already committed to complete or partial divestment of university funds from fossil fuels. 


We believe that a clear and responsible investment strategy that includes removal of fossil fuel holdings is urgent and necessary if the university is to be consistent with its commitments to social, fiscal, and environmental sustainability announced in the 2020-2025 University Academic Plan.

With respect to the Endowment Fund and Pension Plan, we call on York University to: 

  1. Publicly commit to full divestment from fossil fuels

  2. Commit to carbon transparency

  3. Incorporate the investment portfolio into sustainability strategy

  4. Create an action plan for carbon neutrality & enact a 5-year decarbonization strategy

  5. Become an activist and responsible shareholder

  6. Engage in impact investment by promoting socially-responsible, low-carbon investments 


YU Fossil Free is a subcommittee of YCEC - the YUFA (York University Faculty Association) Climate Emergency Committee. We are a student and faculty-led movement formed in 2019. We call on York University to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a just, climate-safe future through transparent, sustainable investment practices.

We are also part of the Divest Canada Coalition, an association of groups striving for fossil fuel divestment at universities across Canada.


We envision a future where York University is truly sustainable in every sense, not only in its on-campus practices but in its financial investments and decisions. We believe York University has the potential to solidify its position as an environmental and sustainability leader by joining the growing number of universities and institutions in Canada and around the globe who are divesting from fossil fuels. 

Steering Committee Members

  • Angela Dittrich (she/her) - MES/JD student

  • David Szablowski (he/him) - Faculty

  • Mark Winfield (he/him) - Faculty, EUC

  • Mariyan Boychev - MES student

  • Ricardo Grinspun (he/him) - Faculty

  • Sebastian Mather (he/him) - MES student

  • Athaven Nithianantha (he/they) - MES/JD student

  • Peri Dworatzek (she/her) - MES student

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